Fleet services

The responsibility of maintaining a fleet of trucks is a difficult and often thankless job. Your budget will only go so far. But, you have a parking lot full of trucks each with potential problems waiting to strike at the worst possible moment. That’s why Ferguson Truck Center offers fleet discounts and other incentives to our loyal customers.

Dealership disappointment

Sending your vehicles to a dealership for your brand is nearly always a source of delay. It’s common to be told it will take days–and sometimes weeks–to see your vehicle. And then, you’re hostage to manufacturer-dictated repair protocols that may not be effective in the real world in which your trucks operate. It’s no coincidence that several dealerships send work they can’t accommodate to Ferguson.

We’re always ready

Ferguson Truck Center provides 24-hour manager-dispatched emergency road service for our fleet customers. We also offer monthly billing, with approved credit, and honor most credit cards, checks and com checks.

Because Ferguson Truck Center gets the work done effectively and efficiently, we enjoy longstanding business relationships with many high-profile businesses in Houston—in addition to many, many other less familiar firms.

Preventative Maintenance

Whether your trucks ride the streets of Houston, or only pass through occasionally, Ferguson Truck Center designs PM programs to give you peace of mind for miles and miles to come.

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